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Apr 26 2024


MONS, Belgium – Exercise STEADFAST COBALT 2024 (STCO24) is NATO’s largest Communications and Information Systems exercise, conducted by the NATO CIS Group (NCISG) from 2 to 26 April 2024 with NATO Command Structure (NCS), NATO Force Structure (NFS), Multinational, and Partner headquarters and units.  

STCO24 is a SHAPE-sponsored, 3-level, Command, Control, Communication, Computer, Intelligence Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) Interoperability exercise and mission preparation event.

This year, STCO24 took place across eight different NATO nations with the main deployment at the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps (NRDC-ITA) located in Solbiate Olona, Italy. Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, United States, Poland and Romania participated in this exercise. More than 1000 participants including military and civilian staff were involved. 

11 NATO Command Structure (NCS) units and 12 NATO Force Structure (NFS) units attended and contributed to the planning and execution process of the STEADFAST COBALT.

STCO24 tested, refined and strengthened capabilities in the face of increasingly sophisticated threats. The objective to evaluate the robustness of communication networks, identify vulnerabilities and ensure seamless interoperability among the Alliance’s forces.

The NCISG HQ as the Officer Conducting Exercise acted as the CIS/DCIS coordination authority. The NCISG’s task was integration and federation of national and NATO provided CIS services across static and deployed networks that supports all communities of the mission network.

One of the key elements of STCO24 was the emphasis on collaboration. Units were encouraged to work across national boundaries, sharing knowledge and expertise to address common mission network challenges.

Throughout the exercise, units established secure communication channels in a training environment. Participants used advanced technologies and communication tools to coordinate responses, demonstrating the importance of interoperability in a NATO context.

By bringing together military and civilian personnel from across the Alliance and Partner headquarters and units, NCISG demonstrated its ability to tackle complex challenges and maintain secure communications and information systems in static and deployed conditions. 

ITA-SOCC-S staff members participating at the STCO24 Exercise. 

The lessons learned from the STCO24 will inform future training and development ensuring that NCISG remains at the forefront of cybersecurity and communication technology. 

Story by Public Affairs Team at NATO Communications and Information Systems Group (NCISG).

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