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Apr 9 2021


STEADFAST COBALT 2021 is NATO’s largest Communications and Information System exercise which will be conducted by the NATO CIS Group from 12 April to 30 April 2021. 

As a result of COVID-19 NATO is taking precautionary measures and for the second time, this exercise will take place in a virtual environment. STEADFAST COBALT is an annual exercise that kick starts NATO Response Force (NRF) preparation activities.

This exercise allows components and units contributing to NATO Response Force missions to verify and validate their Communications and Information System (CIS) capability in support of NRF missions.

STEADFAST COBALT will validate Communications and Information System connectivity and interoperability among participating NRF units. For instance: data exchanges by maintaining communication among combat units of the NATO Response Force, joint and component headquarters worldwide.

The aim is to improve readiness and to increase speed by ensuring that all contributing units are ready and prepared to deploy CIS in support of NRF Missions.

“With STEADFAST COBALT 21, NATO looks to the future and continues to adapt in order to meet the challenges of todays through improving combat readiness and responsiveness even during a pandemic like COVID-19”, said Commander NCISG Major General Frank Schlösser.

Background information:

The main body of STEADFAST COBALT 21 includes the NRF2022 units from France, Italy, UK, USA and Poland. This year, 22 NATO Command Structure and NATO Force Structure units will participate involving an estimated 1000 persons including both military and civilian.

Contributing units are from Joint Force Command Brunssum, Joint Force Command Naples, Allied Maritime Command, Allied Land Command, Allied Air Command, Joint Logistic Support Group, Supreme Headquarters Allied Power Europe Cyber Operation Centre, NATO Special operations Headquarter, Joint Warfare Centre, NATO Communications & Information System Group, NATO Communication Information Agency, Rapid Reaction Corps-France, United Kingdom Maritime

Forces, France Brigade, France-Joint Forward Air Controller, France Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear, Italy-Special Operations Component Command, Italy Commander Amphibious Task Force/Commander Landing Force, Multi National Corps North-East.

Through STEADFAST COBALT 21, NATO Allies’ remain united with a strong commitment and ability to defend the Alliance. This exercise will enable interoperability, skills and capabilities required to combat increasingly complex security threats in the CIS-domain.

For further information, please contact the Public Affairs Officer at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), Belgium, Tel +32 6544 4502, E-mail

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