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Sep 17 2021


MONS, Belgium – a first face-to-face NCISG Commander's Conference was held from 13th to 14th September 2021 at SHAPE following the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions.

The NCISG Commander, Major General Frank Schlӧsser, chaired the Commander's Conference for the first time. The NSBs Commanders, NCISG Deputy Commander (DCOM)/Chief of Staff (COS), the Senior Enlisted Leaders of the three NATO Signal Battalions and the NCISG Command Senior Enlisted Leader (CSEL) attended the event. The J2/6, J3, J4, J5 and J7 Division Heads participated as guest speakers for their relevant topics.

Participants of the 18th NCISG Commander's Conference, 13th September 2021, Mons, Belgium.

This conference is an annual event organized by the NCISG Commander at the military operational level. The aim of the conference is to discuss NCISG priorities 2021 and beyond. Major General Frank Schlӧsser highlighted the impressive effort on an operationally and emotionally difficult redeployment. Furthermore, enhancement of NCISG's capabilities and DCIS functions within upcoming exercises were discussed.

The NSB Commanders used this conference to convey their focus areas to the NCISG Commander. On this occasion, 'First Steps Towards Deployed Operations from an NSB Perspective' was presented.

It was also the last opportunity to meet CSELs in its current line-up.

18th NCISG Commander's Conference, 
right: Major General Frank Schlӧsser, COM NCISG;
left: Command Sergeant Major Peter Knӧringer, NCISG CSEL

18th NCISG Commander's Conference, 13th September 2021, Mons, Belgium


18th NCISG Commander's Conference, 
from left: OR-9 Miroslav Ferenc, NCISG 3NSB CG BSM;
OR-9 Monique Grace, NCISG 2NSB CG BSM;
Command Sergeant Major Peter Knӧringer, NCISG CSEL; OR-9 Stephane Langevin, NCISG 1NSB CG RSM

In conclusion, Major General Frank Schlӧsser underlined the importance of the new Sexual harassment, Bullying, Discrimination in the Workspace awareness training; and also stressed the value of awarding quality Soldiers early on as an investment into the future of the organization. While the NCISG DCOM/COS, Brigadier General Luigi Carpineto, highlighted the importance of managing and being aware of resources at the command level to drive decisions, asset allocation and procurement going forward.

Story by NATO Communications and Information Systems Group Public Affairs Office.

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