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Feb 4 2020

Lessons Learned Point of Contact Course 04 February 2020


The initial training for NCISG Lessons Learned Point of Contact (LL POC) took place in Mons from 4 – 6 Feb 2020. The training was executed by JALLC Mobile Training Team (MTT) led by Team Leader LTC Rigo GENZ (DEU AF).

The primary purpose was to improve the knowledge and practical skills of NCISG LL POC necessary to manage NCISG LL Process. JALLC MTT delivered the training with deep professionalism and enthusiasm moreover, the lessons were supported by real examples from NATO operations. 

As a separate part of the training Team Leader provided NCISG Key Leader Training in favor of NCISG DCOM BG Hans FOLMER and HQ Division Heads.

All participants successfully completed this training providing active performance during the lessons and syndicate work. Based on positive feedback from participants NCISG Evaluation & LL Branch will get on with cooperation with JALLC iot cover NSB level.


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