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Third "NATO Day" in City of Bydgoszcz with 3NSB.

BYDGOSZCZ, Poland - With thousands of people, interesting military presentations and many attractions for all participants, Bydgoszcz celebrated the 2019 NATO Day. For the third time the City of Bydgoszcz, together with all NATO units based in Bydgoszcz and the Polish Armed Forces, invited local residents to learn about NATO during an open-air event held in Myślęcinek Park on 14 September 2019.
The event started with a presentation of all NATO and Partner Nations represented in Bydgoszcz. For the first time citizens could see a "parade of nations” after which 25 flags – the flags of NATO, the 23 Troop Contributing Nations to NCISG and of one Partnership for Peace nation, Georgia - were officially placed on the stage and remained there until the end of the day.
NATO units presented information, materials and activities that engaged not only kids. 3NSB personnel actively promoted NATO, NCISG and 3NSB to visitors as well. Souvenirs they received as tokens of appreciation will certainly keep nice memories of the day alive.
Residents of Bydgoszcz had a chance to explore static and dynamic displays of hardware, including NCISG 3NSB equipment and vehicles. All these helped them better understand the mission of the Alliance.
Among other contests prepared to make the event more attractive, the "terrain massacre” was a special one, very demanding and for tough participants who competed in a five-kilometer run combined with various obstacles. After stiff rivalry among 20 teams, the 3NSB team took eighth place.
Music performances and concerts, playground zones for children, service dogs’ show and famous Polish traditional army-style pea soup completed the day, so even the youngest participants were satisfied.
As the weather during the day was our ally, we had perfect conditions to present NATO and its units based in Bydgoszcz to thousands of citizens.

Commander 3NSB,  Lieutenant-Colonel Michal Klement,  explains  NCISG's structure and work.

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