NCISG CSEL witnesses and discusses DCIS support to Exercise Trident Jupiter JFC HQ

Nov 14, 2019
Brunssum, 14 November 2019 - NCISG’s Command Senior Enlisted Leader (CSEL) CSM Peter Knoeringer (GER Army) paid a visit to Joint Force Command Brunssum (JFCB). The primary purpose was to visit NCISG’s 3NSB soldiers on site, who were supporting the JFCB HQ with Deployable CIS (DCIS) assets for exercise Trident Jupiter 19-1. First stop however was an office call with the JFCB CSEL, CWO Lance Dunn (CAN-Army).
The visit was a joint venture with the Senior Enlisted Leader (SEL) of NCIA, SGM Timothy Erskine (US Army) and the 3NSB SEL, SGM Martin Bernath (SVK Army). CSM Carolyn Turell (USA Army) from the 39th US Signal Battalion also participated in the visit, to familiarize herself further with NATO’s approach in deploying CIS.
CWO Dunn explained how JFC Brunssum is involved in the exercise, and what he has experienced to be the level of support provided by both the NCISG team and the NCI Agency. Furthermore the team exchanged ideas on professional development and training within NATO and how to join with the US Signal Community. SGM Bernath described the challenges of the 3NSB home station training in preparation of (yearly increasing) exercise rotations. SGM Bernath said: "Careful planning is the key aspect … each year we look back, amazed at all that the team has accomplished.”
SGM Bernath then showed his battalion's two sites set up on around the JFC Brunssum HQs. Over the lunch which followed the team discussed the relationship between NCISG and NCIA vis a vis exercise and real world deployments. SGM Timothy Erskine concluded: "It is a complex environment where a political military balance must be achieved to provide quality communications to those forces that need it anytime anywhere.”