NCISG CSEL and 3NSB SEL got a hosted site tour at NATO's CIS Sustainment Support Centre in Brunssum.

The visiting Senior Enlisted team gets CSSC subject matter expert explanation of the tactical satellite ground terminal maintenance.
Nov 14, 2019
Brunssum, 14 November 2019 - The Senior Enlisted Leader (SEL) of NCIA, SGM Timothy Erskine (US Army) hosted a site tour of the NATO’s CIS Sustainment Support Centre (CSSC) in Brunssum. The CSSC is an element of NCIA, and NCISG’s partner in maintenance and support of its Deployed CIS assets. The CSSC site tour was offered to the NCISG Command Senior Enlisted Leader (CSEL) CSM Peter Knoeringer (GER Army), and the 3NSB SEL, SGM Martin Bernath (SVK Army).
The commander of the CSSC allowed the team full access to the facility and provided subject matter experts to explain how CSSC provide support to NCISG, and other NATO customers. In the warehouse facility the process of ordering, collecting, testing, packaging, and transport of assets was demonstrated. Furthermore it was shown how equipment is prepped for shipment to NATO Mission in Iraq and Resolute Support, providing the war fighter with essential communications in support of real world missions.
NCISG’s DCIS assets are subject to periodical life time enhancing repair, refurbishment, recalibration by different teams within the CSSC. The maintenance sme, SFC Maldonado explained: "Equipment moves from one section to the next in preparation for the next exercise or operation.” Amongst many aspects of that department, the team was shown exchange kits used by the satellite sites: these help NATO’s Signal Soldiers to eliminate mission downtime, and provide a flexible way to return equipment, and keep a readily available supply of calibration equipment on hand.
CSM Carolyn Turell (USA Army), SEL of the 39th US Signal Battalion also participated, which made this event a comprehensive Senior Enlisted Leader professional development gathering, and a great opportunity to gain in depth insight in how the NCIA CSSC facilitates and supports NATO’s (D)CIS.