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Deputy Commander 

Chief of Staff

Brigadier General Luigi Carpineto, ITA

Brigadier General, Luigi CARPINETO, was born in Chieti in 1966, attended the 167th Military Academy Course in Modena and was commissioned as 2nd Lt. into the Signal Corps in 1987.

After completing his officer education in Turin and Rome, he served as Platoon and Company Commander in the 41st Signal Regiment, while holding also the position of Chief Communication Center of the North-West Regional Command in Turin. Then he commanded the Signal Battalion "Leonessa" of the 11th Signal Regiment (2004-2005) and on promotion to Colonel, he was appointed Commander of the 11th Signal Regiment (2009-2011) in Civitavecchia (Italy).

In 1988, he served as observer in temporary international presence in Hebron 2 (Israel) and in 2005 while serving as Battalion Commander he deplyoed to KFOR (Kosovo).

His operational deployments include also UNIFIL Strategic Military Cell of the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operation in 2009 as Planning Staff Officer.

Brigadier General Carpineto attended the 124th Army Staff Officer course at the Army War College in Civitavecchia (Italy) and the 4th Joint Staff Officer course in Rome. He also graduated from the US Command and General Staff Officer Course in Ft. Leavenworth (USA) in 2000.

He holds a bachelor of Strategic Science degree from University of Turin (2000), a bachelor of International and Diplomatic Science from University of Trieste (2004), a Master degree in International Strategic Studies and a master degree in Strategic Science.

Brigadier General Carpineto held several staff officer appointments in Army General Staff, related to C5ISTAR field, specificall Chief of Deployable Communications Systems Section, Head of Command, Control and Communications Branch, and Chief of C5ISTAR Division (Flag position).

As Flag Officeer, Brigadier General Carpineto commanded the Signal Brigade in Anzio (Italy) and the Italian Army Signal Command in Rome.

He is married to the former Federica Castellazzi and they have four sons: Alessandro, Andrea, Alberto and Alessio.

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