Command Senior Enlisted Leader

Command Sergeant Major Peter Knoeringer

The CSEL serves as the principal NCO advisor to the commander on all aspects of Command and Control for all military operations and well-being of the organization from an enlisted perspective. The CSEL is responsible to COM NCISG for reporting to the COM NCISG, the DCOM/COS NCISG on matters relating to all Enlisted/Other Ranks issues regarding training and operations, and advices on the formulation and implementation of changes in policy pertaining to Enlisted/Other Ranks personnel.
CSEL acts as the COM/ DCOM-COS primary advisor regarding Enlisted/Other Ranks "Awards and Recognition Policies” as well as "Performance and Discipline Policies”. Upon invitation, represent NATO CIS Group and if necessary NATO at official civilian and military events at home and abroad. (Public Relation) Establishes and develops the connections to NATO-/ PfP-/ and friendly nations education institutes. Act as Mentor/ Keynote speaker at the institutes. He is entrusted to deploy into the mission area within and beyond the NATO boundaries on his own. These deployments can be also on short notice. He stays in contact with all CSELs/ SEL inside NATO, PfP and friendly nations. In his function as CSEL he works as the Gender Focal point after receiving the training.