Work Experience

2017 – present
3rd NATO Signal Battalion Commander / NCISG
Exercise command authority over the NATO Signal Battalion with its staff and subordinated DCM (Deployable CIS Module) located in different NATO countries.

2015 – 2017
Chief of Development Branch / Czech CIS Agency 
  • Participation in  preparation of the Czech participation in the CWIX (Coalition Warrior Interoperability Exploration, Experimentation and Examination Exercise),
  • responsible for the FMF,FMS (Foreign Military Funding/Sales) process of the new radio equipment,
  • participation in process of specification of the new CIS equipment,
  • participation in process of implementation of the FMN concept to the Czech Armed Forces
  • national representative in NATO LOS CaT (Line of Sight Capability Team) / CP1 / C3B. 
2013 – 2015
DCM B Commander / 3NSB / NCISG
  • Responsible for all aspects of the DCM (national, international)
  • deployment to Afghanistan.

2011 - 2013
Staff officer  / CIS Division / Czech General Staff
  • Responsible for CIS aspect of Czech participation in EU BG, NRF,
  • responsible for preparation of CIS exercises (Combined Endeavor 2012, CWIX),
  • Czech National Lead for CWIX 2013,
  • participation in the FMF,FMS (Foreign Military Funding / Sales) process of the new radio equipment, 
  • participation in process of specification of the new CIS equipment,
  • responsible for introduction of IFF (Identification Friend of Foe) systems to the Czech Armed Forces.
2007 - 2011
Staff officer  / CIS branch / J6 / Joint Force Command 
  • duties included CIS support of headquarter and its subordinate units (CIS services), participation in exercises, 
  • responsible for preparations of international exercise Flying Rhino, cooperation of EU BG, 
  • member of team responsible for creation and supervision of web portal of headquarter
  • member of project team for construction of LAN at subordination units
2006 - 2007
Staff officer  / IT branch / J6 / Joint Force Command
duties included support of headquarter and its subordinate units, participation in exercises, participation in purchase of IT equipment,   


Sector ISAF/ RSSSG (SEP 2014 to MAR 2015): Detachment Kabul Commander  

Education, Courses

  • Military University in Brno (2001 - 2006): Special Telecommunication Systems, Master's degree in Engineering
  • Signal Captain Career Course, Fort Gordon,  USA (GA) (2011)


English: 3333 according to STG 6001


  • Sport: swimming, running
  • Literature: fantasy, history, economy